Free Agencies

These are not really free. Somebody ends up paying for the agency even if the only real cost is in time. These agencies can get money in a number of ways.

The Woman Pays

This is the most normal variant on the "Free Agency" theme. The Agency will want money to cover the creating of the ad, perhaps with photography and scanning charges, the hosting of the ad on a monthly basis and the receptions and transmission of emails plus perhaps charges for translation and onward posting if the woman cannot get to the office of the agency.

Another Man Pays

This is not so strange as you might think. A man may offer to give an agency several hundred dollars to pay for the ads for some dozens of women. He then gets to screen those ads before anyone else and has the chance to write to a proportion of the women on an exclusive basis for a month or so.

Service Sellers

An agency may offer to sell you extra services. These can range from translations of correspondence through the provision and delivery of gifts and flowers up to arrangements for travel including visas, hotel and apartment reservation or the provision of a driver and translator for a mans visit. In this case, you should expect to be paying extra for these services as they are having to pay for the ads which are run without charge.

The Agency Pays

In this case, you are probably not dealing with a commercial agency. Often, women who have married and moved to the West will run an agency partly as a hobby and partly to help their friends back home. Of course, in these cases there is very little to actually pay for as web space is free and the woman running the "agency" probably already has access to a computer. Perhaps she leaves an old computer and modem with a relative and they handle the email side of things back home.

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