Sex when you visit Russia

I bet that the title of this page has grabbed your attention. This is a subject that causes endless vitriolic debate on the RWL.

Some people seem to see their trips to the former Soviet Union as akin to a sex tour while others are morally outraged at the prospect of sexual relations before marriage. Put these two opposing ideas together on one traditionally outspoken mailing list and watch the flames burn!

In the middle there is a more moderate range of opinion. On the one hand, this takes in those who doubt that you will know another person well enough in a one week visit to become intimate. Alternatively, others argue that, in this particular variant of the boy meets girl quest, there is not that much time for taking things slowly.

Whatever, your opinion on this matter is yours and for you, I am sure that you are right. It is not my place to say that you are right or wrong and quite frankly, it is not the place of anyone on the RWL either.

What I will say is this, before you start to pack, go out and buy a box of condoms. Whatever your opinion on the matter of sex on a visit to Russia, I think that you should have these at the bottom of your suitcase when you go. If you don't feel the need to use them, then you have only lost a few dollars, marks or whatever and it's a lot better to return home with an unopened packet than to be in some situation in an hotel room where you are wishing that you had them and realising that now is a little late to reach for the phrase book and start hunting down an all night chemists.

Of course, you can buy them in Russia, but it is a lot esasier to get some in your home country so that you have them with you should the need arise.

Pregnancy is not the only thing that you should worry about. HIV and other STDs do exist in Russia, even in small towns and villages.

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