I learned about flying from that by Squadron Leader John Chapman, Lindsay Peacock

The format of this type of book has long been established in aviation circles. A collection of short pieces in which pilots describe incidents which have happened to them and from which they have learned an important lesson. The general idea is that the stories will be thought provoking and will help to pass lessons on to other pilots. Of course, there will also be some degree of entertainment here but that is always mixed by the fact that some of the tales reflect real tragedies.

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JPOC rating

Five out of ten. There are better books than this one in this format.

JPOC's review

This collection is derived from material submitted to an internal publication of the (British) Royal Air Force. As such, much of it does not carry direct lessons for civil pilots but they are interesting nonetheless. Here, a total of 61 "lessons" ranging from the war years to modern times are found.

The quality of writing varies substantially. This is to be expected given that the 61 "lessons" proably had 61 different authors. Having said that, I do think that a more thorough editing stage would have helped.

The book is very well presented on good quality paper but the accompanying photographs and drawings are of mixed quality.

I'd recommend one of the civilian books of this ilk rather than this one unless you are a real military flying buff.