Simon St. Laurent & Ethan Cerami: Building XML applications

I'm about one third of the way through this book right now.

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JPOC rating

It will be rated once it is read.

JPOC's review

This book sets out to sell the concept of XML and to explain what place XML will occupy in the future of computing and the web.

In the first part of the book, the authors set out to introduce XML and the reasons for its existance. They assume a little knowledge of the web and HTML but as they explain the problem that led to the development of the XML standard. They introduce some of the early uses for XML. I found that this part, while it managed to convince me that there were some real problems with the world before XML, did not make the case for XML in a particulary convincing manner. That is a pity as the case for XML is a lot stronger than the author's explaination.

In the second part of the book, the authors describe some of the basics of XML itself. We get to see how a document is constructed and how it is subsequently validated by being compared to a Document Type Definition.

The authors mention Schemas briefly here. The say that there are problems and that Schemas will solve them but that is all. There really should have been more said about these.

As I read this part, I began to feel more and more that the book is not very well presented. The information is there but, it appears that little effort has been expended to make understanding easy. Indeed, in parts, it almost seems that the language used to explain a concept was chosen for obfuscation!