Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days Third Edition by Jesse Liberty

Well, the big question is: "Will this book teach me C++ in 21 days?"

The answer is, probably not but, do not give up on it just yet.

The book could better be called "Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Chapters." I think that most people will take more than one day per chapter. Especially when the material gets heavy. If the authors expected their readers to consume one chapter per day, I doubt that the chapters would have varied quite so much in length either.

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JPOC rating

Got to finish reading it first.

JPOC's review

As a tutorial, the book is pretty good. It will not make you an expert and it will not teach much about object orientated design. It will teach you enough to get you writing C++ code though and that is a good place from which to try and learn the rest.

The book does not assume prior knowledge of C and it claims not to require prior programming experience. I doubt that last claim but a reader with some experience of programming should find the book approachable.

The first five chapters deal with the basics that will be familiar to C programmers. These chapters do however include a few items that are not part of C. I felt that this was a shame. It would make the book of more use to a proficient C programmer if these sections were better separated.