Philip Smith: Frame Relay : Principles and Applications (Data Communications and Networks)

A great book about the Frame Relay protocol and networks that use it.

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JPOC rating

Top marks! Ten out of ten.

JPOC's review

The book is in two parts and each addresses Frame-Relay in a different way. The first part is a largely non-technical introduction to the subject. If you want to know what Frame-Relay is, why it is the way that it is, what it is meant to be used for and how it might fit into a networking system, then you will get all of that here.

The second part is a technical description of the protocol. It goes into enough detail to allow you not just to understand the protocol but, if you have the coding and design skills, to write your own F-R stack and get it interworking with other networks.

I did that using this book as my reference. In the course of that work, I spotted one small error in the book. One bit in the Frame-Relay header field is mis-described but apart from that, it was a great help.

Not only is the technical content spot on but it is well presented. The layout and diagrams make sense and the English is clear and readable.