Elliotte Rusty Harold: XML Bible

I've just started to read this.

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JPOC rating

Hmm, I like it so far but I must finish it before I rate it!

JPOC's review

One of the things that I like about this book is that the companion CD includes the entire contents of the book in a set of pdf files. So, I can load the book onto my hard disk and I do not need to worry about leaving expensive computer books on my desk at work. The authors do state that this is OK as long as the files are not placed anywhere that they can be read from another coputer. That seems fine to me. It's a real help.

The book is targetted at HTML authors rather than at programmers. Even then, the author says that he assumes only a very minimal knowledge of HTML.

The book starts off with an introducton to XML. After a brief overview and a quick tour of existing XML applications, the book gets the reader to produce a "hello world" XML page. Of course, every XML book under the sun does the first of those two things. This one does them better. This is not the first XML book that I have read but I found that the first two chapters did explain to me things that were not clear from some other books.

I found the hello world application very useful indeed.