G.B.Trudeau: The Wreck of the "Rusty Nail"

The early Eighties, Duke goes sailing.

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Eight out of ten. Timeless satire.

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More fun and games from the Doonesbury crew. This time, the cartoons first appeared in the early Eighties.

The main tale in this book is of the mishaps of Duke and Honey as they try to run a boat charter operation. When running drugs and refugees doesn't work out, Duke takes a party of tourists on a trip to the Falklands to watch the British blockade. As usual Duke's approach to life is outrageous and totally lacking in shame but somehow, you have to like his directness.

In the meantime, we see the rest of the cast coping with the early years of the Reagan era. The humour is sharp and, despite the fact that many of the themes are now well in the past, this book is still readable today.

Highly recommended.

It's out of print now but worth tracking down or you can get the whole Doonsbury back catalogue on a CD-ROM.