Steve Bell: IF...Only Again

From the dark days of the Iron Lady!

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Seven out of ten. Not the best satirical cartoons but still a good read.

My Review

These cartoons date from the period 1983-1984. In the immediate post falklands era, we see the more politically outspoken of the islands penguin population travel to the UK to ferment revolution. They meet journalist Harry Hardnose and an assortment of Policemen, Politicians and US soldiers as they deal with issues ranging from US cruise missiles to the miners strike and the Prime Minister's inept son Mark.

These really do represent the best years of Steve Bell's time as a cartoonist. Surprisingly, he is a lot less subtle than his American counterparts and sometimes the vulgarity seems to be closer to Viz and than The Guaradian but even today, these are still worth reading as long as you can remember what was actually happenning at the time!