JPOC's Master Short Story Cross Reference

Here is my Cross Reference Section of all of the Short Stories that are reviewed on my site. You can look up the authors alphabetically from the selections below.

You will notice that some authors have their own page and others are lumped together. This is because I do not want to maintain a separate page for each author especially as I will eventually cover short stories by hundreds of different authors many of whom will be featured for just one or two items.

In the case of authors for whom I have, or expect to have a number of story reviews, I have created separate pages.

Aldis, Brian: "The Eye Opener" The Best of Interzone
Ballard, J.G.: "The Message Fom Mars" The Best of Interzone
Baker, Scott: "The Jamesburg Incubus" Alien Sex
Baxter, Stephen: all stories cross reference page
Bear, Greg: "Blood Music" Nanotech
Beckett, Chris: "The Welfare Man" The Best of Interzone
Bradfield, Scott: "The Queen of the Apocalypse" Off Limits
Brin, David: "The Giving Plague"Interzone, the third Anthology
Brown, Eric: all stories cross reference page
Brown, Molly: "Bad Timing" The Best of Interzone
Bryant, Edward: "Dancing Chickens" Alien Sex
Byrne, Eugene: "Cyril the Cyberpig" The Best of Interzone
Cadigan, Pat: "Roadside Rescue" Alien Sex
Calder, Richard: "The Allure" The Best of Interzone
Coldsmith, Sherry: "The Lucifer of Blue" Off Limits
Davidson, Avram: "Full Chicken Richness" Timegates
Delany, Samuel R: "Aye, and Gomorrah" Off Limits
Di Fillipo, Paul: "Any Major Dude" Nanotech
Di Filippo, Paul: "World Wars II" The Best of Interzone
Disch, Thomas: "The Man Who Read a Book" The Best of Interzone
Egan, Greg: "Axiomatic" Nanotech
Egan, Greg: "Mitochondrial Eve" The Best of Interzone
Egan, Greg: "The Extra" Clones
Ellison, Harlan: all stories cross reference page
Esaias, Timons: "Norbert and the System" The Best of Interzone
Farmer, Philip Jose: "The Jungle Rot Kid on the Nod" Alien Sex
Flynn, Michael F.: "Remembeer'd Kisses" Nanotech
Fowler, Karen Joy: "Heartland"Interzone, the third Anthology
Gaiman, Neil: "Eaten (Scenes From a Moving Picture)" Off Limits
Garnet, David S: "The Only One"Interzone, the third Anthology
Garnett, David S: "Off the Track" The Best of Interzone
Gentle, Mary: "Human Waste" The Best of Interzone
Goonan, Kathleen Ann: "Sunflowers" Nanotech
Griffith, Nichola: "Song of Bullfrogs, Cry of Geese" The Best of Interzone
Haldeman, Joe: "Anniversary Project" Timegates
Haldeman, Joe: "Blood Sisters" Clones
Haldeman, Joe & Yolen Jane: "Sextraterrestrials" Off Limits
Hamilton, Peter: all stories cross reference page
Hand, Elizabeth: "In the Month of Athyr" Off Limits
Ings, Simon: "Grand Prix" Off Limits
Jeapes, Ben: "The Data Class" The Best of Interzone
Jeter, K.W.: all stories cross reference page
Jones, Gwyneth: "Red Sonja and Lessingham in Dreamland" Off Limits
Joyce, Graham: "Eat Reecebread" The Best of Interzone
Kadrey, Richard: "Goodbye Houston Street Goodbye"Interzone, the third Anthology
Kaiine John: "Dolly Sodom" Off Limits
Kennedy, Leigh: "Her Furry Face" Alien Sex
Kilworth, Garry: "The Scultptor" The Best of Interzone
Knight, Damon: "Arachon" Timegates
Knight, Damon: "Mary" Clones
Knight, Damon: "The Reality Trip" Off Limits
Koja, Kathay & Malzberg, Barry N.: "Ursus Triad, Later" Off Limits
Kress, Nancy: "The Price of Oranges" Timegates
Kress, Nancy: "Margin of Error" Nanotech
Lafferty, R.A.: "The Hole in the Corner" Timegates
Landis, Geoffrey A.: "Willy in the Nano-Lab" Nanotech
Langford, David: "Cube Root"Interzone, the third Anthology
Langford, David: "The Net of Babel" The Best of Interzone
Lannes, Roberta: "Saving the World at the New Moon Motel" Alien Sex
Lannes, Roberta: "His Angel" Off Limits
Lee, Ian: "Pigs, mostly" The Best of Interzone
Le Guin, Ursula K.: "Another Story" Timegates
Le Guin, Ursula K.: "Nine Lives" Clones
McAllister, Bruce: "When the Fathers Go" Alien Sex
McAllister, Bruce: "Captain China" Off Limits
McAuley, Paul J: "Karl and the Ogre"Interzone, the third Anthology
McDevitt, Jack: "Time's Arrow" Timegates
McDonald, Ian: "Recording Angel" Nanotech
McKenna, Bridget: "Hole in the Wall" Timegates
McKenna, Richard: "The Secret Place" Timegates
MacLeod, Ian R.: "The Family Football" The Best of Interzone
MacLeod, Ian R.: "Past Magic" Clones
McMullen, Sean: "A Ring of Green Fire" The Best of Interzone
Malzberg, Barry N. & Koja, Kathay: "Ursus Triad, Later" Off Limits
Matheson, Richard Christian: "Arousal" Alien Sex
Matheson, Richard Christian: "Oral" Off Limits
Marusek, David: all stories cross reference page
Meaney, John: "Sharp Tang" The Best of Interzone
Murphy, Pat: "Love and Sex Among the Invertebrates" Alien Sex
Murphy, Pat: "His Vegetable Wife"Interzone, the third Anthology
Newman, Kim: "The Next-But-One Man"Interzone, the third Anthology
Newman, Kim: "Slow News Day" The Best of Interzone
Niven, Larry: "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex" Alien Sex
Oats, Joyce Carol: "The Dream-Catcher" Off Limits
O'Driscoll, Mike: "The Future of birds" Off Limits
Park, Paul: "The Tourist" The Best of Interzone
Rucker, Rudy: "Big Jelly" A Good Old Fashioned Future
Russell, Eric Frank: all stories cross reference page
Ryman, Geoff: "Warmth" The Best of Interzone
Ryman, Geoff: "Omnisexual" Alien Sex
Sargent, Pamela: "Clone Sister" Clones
Shiner, Lewis: "Scales" Alien Sex
Sheckley, Robert: all stories cross reference page
Sheffield, Charles: "Trapalanda" Timegates
Sheffield, Charles: "Out of Copyright" Clones
Soukup, Martha: "Fetish" Off Limits
Stableford, Brian: "Sexual Chemistry"Interzone, the third Anthology
Stapleford, Brian: "The Unkindness of Ravens" The Best of Interzone
Stableford, Brian: "The House of Mourning" Off Limits
Sterling, Bruce: all stories cross reference page
Swanwick, Michael: "Foresight"Interzone, the third Anthology
Tiptree, James Jr: "The Man Who Walked Home" Timegates
Tiptree, James Jr: "And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill's Side" Alien Sex
Tuttle, Lisa: "Husbands" Alien Sex
Tuttle, Lisa: Background: "The Dream" Off Limits
Tuttle, Lisa: "Memories of the Body"Interzone, the third Anthology
Varley, John: "Air Raid" Timegates
Varley, John: "The Phantom of Kansas" Clones
Wade, Susan: "The Tattooist" Off Limits
Watson, Ian: "Ahead" The Best of Interzone
Wilber, Rick: "War Bride" Alien Sex
Wilder, Cherry: "The Decline of Sunshine."Interzone, the third Anthology
Wilder, Cherry: "Bird on a Time Branch" The Best of Interzone
Wilhelm, Kate: "Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang" Clones
Willis, Connie: "All My Darling Daughters" Alien Sex
Wilson, Peter Lamborn: "Fountain of Time"Interzone, the third Anthology
Yolen Jane & Haldeman, Joe: "Sextraterrestrials" Off Limits
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